EDITOR'S OPINION: Sheffield Council heading for a fall over Turtle Bay 'staircase safety' decision

Here we go again.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th September 2016, 12:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:06 pm
A Turtle Bay restaurant in Leeds
A Turtle Bay restaurant in Leeds

A planning matter that has Sheffield folk scratching their heads in confusion or stamping their feet in pure frustration.

A very popular restaurant chain, a rapidly growing business which is popping up in cities across the country wants to open in our city.

The NUM building where the restaurant wants to open


Even better, bosses want to situate it in a prominent city centre building that has been an eyesore for far too long.

Brilliant, bring it on, I hear you say.

The NUM building where the restaurant wants to open

Except there are times when it seems that logic escapes us.

Our planning department in its wisdom has recommended councillors do not allow it to open.

There are always reasonings behind such moves - except this time the restaurant chain says other cities had no problem in almost identical circumstances.

So is Sheffield open for business or not?

We are saying yes, but the message we are giving in this kind of situation is no.

That has to end right now.

This isn't about jerk chicken and rum cocktails - it is just another example of why Sheffielders don't have full confidence in our planners.

We could all name others.

Personally, I hope our councillors will take the brave decision of pushing on, working with this opportunity and making sure Turtle Bay opens in the former NUM building as soon as possible.

We already have some great Caribbean cafes and while I always advocate supporting our local businesses, we must have a better mix of national chains too.

When opportunities like this finally knock on Sheffield's door we need to do all we can to welcome them in.

If not there are plenty of others cities who will - and chances like this disappear faster than Bolt.