Editor’s View: Where is deterrent?

Picture: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire
Picture: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire
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Here we are again, questioning the justice system on which we all rely.

What a great piece of police work you will have read about on today’s front page.

Imagine the dedication, hours and sheer determination to protect Sheffield.

That is what we expect of our police force and that is what they delivered.

But we demand more of our police in today’s society.

We also expect them to do what they can to deter criminals.

To break the cycle, to teach right and wrong, and to prevent as well as solve crimes.

How can that be possible when the system isn’t even set up to financially punish those who gain from breaking the law?

There is a belief that prisons are too cushy, that sentences aren’t long enough... let’s add into that the nice chunk of criminal cash waiting for you as soon as you are sent back into society.

It is enough to make people like me and you throw our hands up in despair.

We can moan, and we do.

The police don’t have that option.

We expect them to carry on upholding the law – even when all the odds are against them.