Editor’s View: People who shape city

More people in Sheffield are in work or training than last year
More people in Sheffield are in work or training than last year
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There is a growing wave of optimism in Sheffield.

Our city is far from where it ultimately needs to be but we are well on the way and moving quickly.

It is great to see the final piece of The Moor slotting into place and things shaping up for the Meadowhall extension.

Both schemes will have a huge impact on the shape of the city and bring an extra element of vitality.

Neither are likely to pass through without great scrutiny though and that is good for Sheffield.

We need as many people as possible to believe and back such developments. It is the people of our city that hold its future in their hands and down to us to question, scrutinise and ensure a bright future.

That’s why I hope you also found our newest feature, The Star Interview on Pages 10 and 11, informative.

When there are big changes going on in a city, I believe it is important to get to know the people charged with decisions.

That is the aim of our weekly in-depth interview so if you have a suggestion for somebody we should be questioning, please do get in touch.

Email nancy.fielder@jpress.co.uk or write to Nancy Fielder, Editor, The Star, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU.