Editor’s View: Make bus a real choice

Bus users in Sheffield.  Picture Dean Atkins
Bus users in Sheffield. Picture Dean Atkins
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A five and two twos please.

I still remember practising how to politely get bus tickets back in the day.

It ranks alongside memories of an act of kindness from my grandfather which left him red-faced.

Visiting from Blackpool he generously offered to pay for the whole family as we boarded the bus. His proudly tried to hand over a £1 note only to be told by the bus driver that he didn’t take notes, the total was just a few pence.

My grandparents could never believe the price of Sheffield bus rides. Those of us who lived here took it for granted. Sheffield stuck its neck out to make sure we could all get wherever we wanted no matter how rich or poor.

It was before we started to understand about climate change, back then it was just the simplest way from A to B.

There are lessons to be learned – and I don’t mean going back to 2p tickets.

It is cheaper for my family of five to get into town by taxi than on a bus. That is bonkers – the best way to make sure we never take public transport seriously again.

Children don’t have that choice but they will grow straight into cars if we don’t have good services and reasonable prices.