Editor’s View: Kindness is city winner

Arctic Monkeys elephant
Arctic Monkeys elephant
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So many of the great things we love about Sheffield have been gifted to us by generous benefactors.

Our parks, works of art and now the Arctic Monkeys’ elephant.

It might not be on the same scale as huge swathes of land but what a wonderful show of kindness.

It once again proves how much Sheffielders love our city and want to give something back.

That three elephants have now been gifted back - two to schools and one in the city centre - shows there was more to this initiative than meets the eye.

Everyone loved the elephants, if we excuse the very small minority of mindless vandals who should be hanging their heads in shame.

We loved having our photos taken with them, we loved the excitement and colour it brought they created, and we loved the fact that our precious Children’s Hospital made £410,600.

What a fantastic celebration of so many things that are great about Sheffield and how Sheffielders rose to the occasion.

The hospital’s dedicated charity team are hopefully taking a well earned rest ... but there are already plenty of calls for a repeat performance.

The great Sheffield tradition of giving made the ideal grand finale - but their success does deserve an encore.

* Herd of Sheffield iconic Arctic Monkeys elephant donated back to the city by generous auction winners