Editor’s View: Houses for a lifetime?

Your chance to have your say
Your chance to have your say
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What a contentious subject council houses have become recently.

You can’t fault the idea of putting a roof over the head of those who need in the most but these days it just isn’t viewed like that.

Which makes me wonder what you think about today’s front page news that big rent rises are on their way – but only for working families.

There are almost 3,000 households in Sheffield which earn more than £31,000 and live in a council house.

I’m sure there will be plenty who think everyone earning that much shouldn’t have the ‘luxury’ of a council home.

But when mum and dad are both earning minimum wage you only have to add in one teenager who is doing the same but can’t afford to live in their own home. Suddenly that money isn’t going to stretch very far.

I know plenty of retired Sheffielders who have refused the option to buy their council house because they don’t believe in it.

They know these houses should remain in a system that makes them available when most needed.

If that is a few years or a lifetime, so be it.

Oh how society has changed – in fact, they aren’t officially even called council houses these days.