Editor’s View: Changing community

Park Hill Flats
Park Hill Flats
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Park Hill flats was originally renowned for its community spirit.

It was that sense of belonging and friendship which bound together families who were so proud to move into what were then Sheffield’s must-have homes.

The famous streets in the sky and the fact they were wide enough for milkfloats were all part of that.

People chatted more, they knew their neighbours’ good or bad news and they supported each other.

It all happened naturally because people were living in close proximity to each other and why would human beings not come together like that?

Interestingly, the disintegration of that community spirit is exactly what later brought such a bad reputation for the very same flats.

Now that is just what the developers and people who have moved in are aiming to recreate.

I think Sheffield still has many great communities, from small clusters of houses to wider neighbourhoods and entire city pride.

But the changing fortunes of Park Hill highlights that people now feel the need for concerted effort to unify communities more.

Who would have imagined something as simple as community spirit could come full circle?