EDITOR’S OPINION: How would you deal with gloating killer?

Keiron Simpson
Keiron Simpson
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LETTERS to The Star vary: from the seemingly mundane to the incomprehensibly complicated, we try to publish comment and opinion that reflects the mood of the city, and the wider region.

And so I’d like to dip-test your appetite for justice.

Today’s front page tells the tale of a man that killed a fellow human being for sport.

Keiron Simpson, 26, danced up to someone that wasn’t even looking and punched him. It wasn’t the power of the punch that killed father-of-one Robert Bryan, it was that he didn’t know he was in a fight, and could not defend himself from the whims of a coward.

Simpson watched his prey fall stricken - not caring less if he lived or died - , and promptly danced away in celebration, like a footballer would had he scored a goal. He’d killed a man.

To ensure his peers knew just how potent a killer he is, Simpson repeatedly went about re-enacting the moment he deprived a child of their father.

Simpson has more than 120 offences to his name, and clearly has absolutely no regard for life.

So put yourself in the shoes of the judge before whom this man’s liberty is presented; how long should you take him out of society?

Bear in mind you’re looking for a balance: first there’s his punishment. How long should he remain incarcerated in order to reflect the severity of his crime? The time you hand down, here must deter others from committing the same crime.

You must detain this person long enough for trained professionals to work with them sufficiently to reform their character. On this occasion we’re dealing with a killer.

And you must acknowledge the public. Would the good people of South Yorkshire and beyond be satisfied if a man with over 120 offences to his name, including manslaughter, was allowed to walk amongst us very soon?

Of course not. So for how long would you jail him?

On this occasion he’s likely to spend less than two years in prison by way of punishment. Is that enough?

I ask you to read the full story, consider the kind of society in which you’d like to live and write to me to tell me exactly how you would deal with men like Simpson.

I confess, I’m running out of patience with young men who think it’s cool to kill people by punching them in the head, but what do you think?

by James Mitchinson

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