EDITOR’S COMMENT: Pride in the city of Sheffield hasn’t lost its shine

Nancy Fielder new editor of The Star
Nancy Fielder new editor of The Star
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Thank you Sheffield. Day two as editor and I have been innundated with emails, calls and Tweets of support. Your message? We really love Sheffield and we desperately, desperately want it to thrive.

I never doubted that to be true but it is so good to hear it from so many of you.

There is an overwhelming feeling of wanting to seize this moment, pull together and champion our city.

So that’s what we’ll do.

You have so many great ideas about what would make our city more successful and you love what is already being done.

But alongside the basic matters that need tackling – graffitti being one of the things that most gets on your nerves – there is drive to give Sheffield a more competitive edge.

You want ours to be the northern city that attracts the big name shops, that boasts groundbreaking developments and has control of its own future.

Joined-up thinking, positivity and action – that’s what you are really demanding.

Oh, and you would also like two football teams in the Premiership – I’ll come back to you on that.

As well as our readers, I have also been contacted by developers, politicians and business leaders – all wanting the same thing.

Sheffield knows where it wants to be but the journey has never been an easy one.

However, if this city is blessed with anything it is talent and determination.

It is those which have always carried us through and those which will help shape our future.

After all, since we all lovingly refer to it as the largest village in the world, if we can’t work as one city for the good of our city, it is a poor show.

We’ll be printing your letters and comments over the coming days so keep a look-out.

I’ll also be heading on to the streets with some of those who hold the future of the city in their hands – raising your questions with them, passing on your ideas and, of course, keeping you updated.

If you want to put your opinions forward or have a suggestion for creating a brighter Sheffield future then do please get in touch.

You can email me at nancy.fielder@jpress.co.uk; write to me at The Star, York Street, Sheffield, S1 1PU; Tweet @NancyFielder; or just give me a call on 0114 2521340.

You are the lifeblood of a city that has so much more to offer.

I hear you loud and clear. Believe me, I will be passing your message on.