EDITOR’S COMMENT: ‘Killed because he looked Muslim’ - Neo-Nazi fascist marchers have the blood of a lovely old man on all their hands

Mushin Ahmed
Mushin Ahmed
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DEAR right-wing fascists; each and every one of you that has marched through Sheffield and Rotherham now has the blood of one of the nicest elderly gentlemen anyone could ever wish to meet all over your hands.

You hide behind a pretence that you descend upon Rotherham to ‘help’ the 1,400 girls who were victims of paedophile gangs.

You masquerade as champions of free speech and democracy.

You refuse to leave the good people of Rotherham alone, costing our police force millions, and our businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Well now you have cost 81-year-old Mushin Ahmed his life. His family is completely heartbroken, and it is all because your disciples of hate have carried out your commandments to the letter.

The police have confirmed that they are now pursuing the theory that Mr Ahmed was killed because he was dressed in his traditional garb.

Such is the intoxicating power of the narrative that it was the Asian community that raped 1,400 of Rotherham’s daughters that dedicated followers of this poisonous perspective have seemingly taken to kicking a much-loved and extremely popular old man to death.

If the right-wing groups that have targeted and are planning to target South Yorkshire have even an ounce of humanity, they will call off all future demonstrations. Forever.

You’ve made your point, and now an innocent man is dead. Leave us alone, or more people will be hurt.

Of course, I know the leaders of these neo-Nazi organisations will point to the gangs of Asian men that Alexis Jay exposed a year ago as responsible for this.

They will say: ‘if you’re looking for someone to blame for Mr Ahmed’s death, blame the men that raped and tortured those girls.’

I know they will say as much because they’re cowards. They’re cowards who will use any old excuse to camouflage their viciousness.

Mr Ahmed’s family have lost a treasured loved one. Police believe he may have died at the hands of racists who took umbrage at nothing other than the heritage he proudly displayed as he walked to church.

He’s the Muslim community’s Alan Greaves: killed as he walked to worship.

But the assumed motive for Mr Ahmed’s demise is infinitely more sinister.

This is not a race war. This is a right-thinking society’s fight against an organised crime. We must solve the crime together.

More importantly, a gentle, charitable, affable gentleman deserves two things: respect and justice.

RIP, sir.

By James Mitchinson