Editor’s Comment: Crown your Gym Of The Year 2016

Vote for your Gym of the Year 2016
Vote for your Gym of the Year 2016
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New year, a new, fitter you.

That’s the resolution many Sheffielders are sure to have made when they woke up on New Year’s Day: that 2016 is the year they are going to shape up and get fit.

There will no doubt be people across the city signing up to gyms and exercise classes, many for the first time.

Whether it’s to lose weight, improve fitness or just to keep active, any amount of time spent in the gym can only aid a healthier lifestyle.

That has never been more important, as awareness of the impact of a healthy diet and lifestyle continues to grow.

Because fitness and exercise are such an important part of leading a healthy and happy active life, we have decided it’s high time to champion the very best gyms in Sheffield - and we need YOUR help to do it.

Some of you might be taking your first steps onto the treadmill this year.

Others may be eager gym-goers who have been hitting the cross-trainerfor years at their favoured exercise spot.

Whether you’re an old hand or a relative newcomer, we want your views.

Tell us what makes your gym of choice ideal for your fitness goals.

Is it helpful and knowledgeable staff? Perhaps it’s clean and modern equipment?

Or maybe it’s the reasonable price or a handy location.

It could even be the range of classes on offer, or extras like pool or spa options.

Whether you work out every now and then at a no-frills exercise site or you’re a daily attendee at a luxury super-centre, you have the chance to crown your Gym Of The Year 2016.

Perhaps you work in the industry - if so, this is your chance to trumpet your gym to a wider audience.

Head over to page 35 to vote in the long-list, which we’ll need whittling down to a top 10.

Thank you - and good luck on your fitness journey.