Economy and immigration

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Let’s hope PM Cameron has enjoyed his jollies, as he needs to get a firm grip on what’s happening in this country, now he is free from the loony left shackles.

He now needs, (as promised), to kick into touch the ridiculously abused human rights fiasco, so we can reclaim our borders etc and let politicians run the country, not out-of-touch pampered judges.

He then needs to realise we should not be wasting millions of pounds in foreign aid, when this country is still billions in debt and rising.

The Government should also realise the mood of the nation regarding immigration, and should clamp down on so-called charitable organisations wasting millions of tax-payers’ money such as Refugee Action, Asylum Aid, Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Detention Action, Refugee Council, (who received £ 516.000 from Sheffield city council). Lessons should be learned from the now defunct Kids Company.

You cannot cut services with one hand, while wasting millions with the other.

Mr Cameron talks a lot, but doesn’t really say anything, he should stop being weak, or step aside.