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Last week the EU statistical agency revealed that four out of five “refugees” from Syria were not in fact from Syria and were mostly economic migrants.

So, why are four out of every five being allowed into Europe completely contravening European Law?

Why has Hungary been castigated for wanting to carry out proper checks on those arriving there, to the point that they are now bussing everyone, irrespective of status, through to Austria?

20,000 arrived in Austria this weekend alone. We now have the Austrian Government Interior Minister stating that this influx of people isn’t a refugee problem at all, but pure “opportunism”.

There have also been more claims that ISIS members are getting through with the hordes of people flooding into Europe. Some of these “refugees” turned to violence with Syrians fighting Afghans in Croatia last week.

Croatia took 27,000 people this weekend alone. Hardly the behaviour of people running away from violence and being relieved to have reached a safe haven, is it?

We don’t need a meeting of EU Ministers this week to discuss the situation. Just accept these people in the country that they arrive in, do the correct checks on their status, and if they aren’t genuine refugees – repatriate them.

North Africa isn’t a part of Europe, and Europe is no more responsible for their refugees and economic migrants than Brazil or Australia.

Let us not forget that there are peaceful countries in North Africa. How many migrants have they taken in?


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