‘Earth house’ plan granted approval

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Eco-friendly housing plans have been approved for two Peak District villages.

One of the schemes involves a home built into the ground, to replace a timber-clad bungalow at Highcliffe, Eyam.

The replacement ‘earth house’ will have three bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows at the front, and natural stone panels and windows on one side, with a turfed flat roof.

The other side and rear would be dug into the hillside or covered with earth banking, and the house would be ‘highly energy-efficient’.

Planners insisted on conditions to protect existing trees and hedges, and to ensure that its roll-down window shutters were as unobtrusive as possible.

At the same meeting, plans for an energy-efficient new three-bedroomed house on the site of a long-disused bungalow in Castleton Road, Hope, were also given approval.

Applicant Richard Carter has incorporated super-insulation, triple glazing, air-tight construction and a heat recovery ventilation system. As a result energy is retained and recirculated, reducing total energy bills to a fraction of the average similar-sized house.