Dump my rubbish at town hall

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MY solution to the ludicrous idea of fortnightly collections is to dump my rubbish on the town hall steps. I urge others to do the same.


I DON’T know one person with a good word to say about those dreadful blue recycling boxes. With this week’s gales there was more recycling on the road than in the boxes! I’d rather buy a blue bin instead of the box as there is now a choice of which receptacle to use, but I’m forbidden to do so.


The council is making a big mistake in stopping green bin/bag collections. There will be more tipping in local woods. You can already see evidence of dumping. I hope the council listens to objections and keeps the green bin service.

Gleadless Valley resident

Giving customer satisfaction

I TRY my best to support shops in Doncaster but...I recently walked out of two of three shops without buying anything.

At Sports Direct there was only one person processing purchases; the queue was as long as your arm. The other 10 staff were chatting and filling shelves.

At Waterstones, the assistant was on the phone and when she said ‘what is your account’ I knew I was in for a long wait. No I wasn’t. I left the book and walked out.

The only shop where I felt wanted was Debenhams where I bought a similar product to what I saw in Sports Direct, a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. The book? At home I ordered it from Amazon for £3 less.

My job is assessing how large companies attain customer satisfaction.

Arthur Wild, Clayworth Drive, Doncaster