Dull month’s fifty shades of grey sky for Sheffield

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Feeling a bit fed up? You’re probably just under the weather.

It has been a case of 50 shades of grey for South Yorkshire’s skies this September – the dullest for five years.

Not since 2008 has there been such little sunshine in South Yorkshire, with only 120.1 hours clocked up on the ray-ometer.

But experts at Museums Sheffield’s weather station at Weston Park have said it could have been worse.

In 1941, just 62.7 of sunshine beamed down on the city and surrounding areas.

Despite the dull weather, rainfall kept to a minimum, falling below the average expected for the past four weeks.

Chris Harvey, of Museums Sheffield, said: “Most of the month was dry.

“As a result, the total amount of rain was slightly below average – 59.7 millimetres fell this September, compared to the average which is 64 millimetres.

“Last year September was more rainy with 93.7 millimetres.

“However, on the 10 days that it did rain this month, there was a lot of it, and all at once.”

But the weather hasn’t been that bad, according to hardy Sheffield folk.

Angie Dancer said on The Star’s Facebook page: “It hasn’t been that bad! Dreary politicians bring folk down, not the weather.”

David Morgan said: “Does ‘dull’ mean comfortable with no extremes? Bring on the dull weather.”

Steve Allsop. of Herries Road, said: “Come up to Scotland, sat in my shorts.”

Linda Holmes said: “We are used to the rubbish British weather – well we should be. Our summer didn’t start until July.”

Donna Eyre added: “It’s been ok this September – what I call dull is the months to come.”

Jo Grice said: “Stop moaning. Nothing ever makes anyone happy. Man up!”

Weather in numbers:

120.1 - Total hours of sunshine in Sheffield during September 2013, below the average for September of 131 hours.

59.7 - Total millimetres of rainfall in Sheffield in September 2013, compared to a usual monthly average of 64mm.

13.8C - Average temperature in Sheffield during September 2013, compared to a usual monthly average of 13.7C.

24.4C - Maximum temperature recorded at Museums Sheffield’s Weston Park weather station in September 2013.