Duke crosses border to join fight against illegal drugs

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Duke the South Yorskhire Police sniffer dog popped over the border into Derbyshire – but he was not there for a nice walk in the Peak District.

Duke, who is trained to sniff out drugs, and his handler teamed up with officers from Derbyshire Police for two nights to carry out a series of checks in Chesterfield and across Bolsover and Amber Valley.

Duke was used to sniff out suspected illegal substances during patrols around pubs and clubs in the town centres.

During the checks, one man was arrested for drugs offences, 17 more people were given drug referrals and will be spoken to by specially trained drugs workers.

Inspector Glyn Jones, from South Yorkshire Police’s operational support team, said: “These operations are part of ongoing partnership work between Derbyshire Police and our own local drugs referral unit.

“They are being carried out across north Derbyshire to reduce the risk and dangers of taking both illegal and unknown substances, some of which are marketed as legal highs.

“Specifically, the increased risk involved when these substances are taken with alcohol.”

n Anyone with information about drug use is asked to call police on 101.