Dubious and wasteful

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Amey are making dubious and wasteful decisions, judging by their ‘work’ in S11.

Random, perfectly fine old kerbstones have been replaced with inferior concrete, accidentally put in at different heights to the originals. Being on a slope seems to fox modern technology – it must’ve been easier in the 1920s.

The road surface had to be replaced twice as the first mix was wrong.

It’s lovely that they are reseeding and repairing grass verges, but then two months later they’re concreting over those same verges and the spring bulbs planted by residents.

Apparently there’s been so many complaints they’ve stopped halfway and can’t tell me what’s happening next, but, typically, they’ve created a problem where there was none!

Do those in charge at Amey actually think through anything they do?

Presumably it’s to help people park on the grass, although most of the houses have drives/garages and we aren’t on the bus route and those who do park on the road, instead of half way across the pavement, are helping slow the dangerous and thoughtless drivers who use our road as a shortcut in rush-hour.

Kids do still walk to school round here, helping drivers to speed is not a good idea..

Kim Clarke

Greystones Grange Road, Sheffield S11