Drunken man jailed for wielding knife in brawl

Jama Mohammed, jailed for eight months after wielding a blade outside a Sheffield nightclub.
Jama Mohammed, jailed for eight months after wielding a blade outside a Sheffield nightclub.
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A DRUNK who wielded a knife during a fight outside a Sheffield nightspot has been locked up for eight months.

Jama Mohammed, aged 31, pulled out a multi-tool knife after becoming embroiled in a violent row near the Nocturnal club in Charter Square.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Mohammed chased one of his victims while making a ‘slashing motion’ with the blade and stood over the man with the weapon after the man tripped over and knocked himself unconscious.

Fiona Swain, prosecuting, said Mohammed was outside Nocturnal at 3.10am when he started arguing with a black man and his two friends.

“Mr Mohammed followed this man up the road and shouts were exchanged,” she said.

“The black man then turned around and they both squared up to each other. Mr Mohammed was pushed backwards and fell to the ground.

“He got up, several punches were thrown at him and these were returned by Mr Mohammed before he got a multi-tool out of his pocket and opened the blade.”

Ms Swain told the court Mohammed ran after the man after the group moved quickly away.

“Witnesses described that slashing motions were being made with the multi-tool,” she said.

During the pursuit, Mohammed fell over, snapping the blade off the knife, while his victim was knocked out cold when he fell face-first on to a concrete wall.

Mohammed was later found on Rockingham Way in an ‘intoxicated state’.

He told police he’d borrowed the tool to repair a door and downed five cans of Special Brew before the incident on July 8 last year.

Richard Adams, defending, said Mohammed escorted a woman to the nightclub but was refused admittance, and used the blade ‘in panic’.

“He turned from being the victim to being the aggressor,” Mr Adams said.

“He chose to use what he thought at the time was his only means of repelling his attackers.”

Judge Alan Goldsack QC said: “People should not go out late at night, particularly if they’re going to be drinking, with this sort of weapon - and if they have it, they should not produce it in public.

“What would have happened, if you had not yourself fallen over and the knife broken off, one does not know.”

Mohammed, of Exeter Drive, Broomhall, who is married with three daughters aged six, five and six months and had worked for Waitrose, Edward Pryor, and Jeld-Wen Windows, admitted affray and was earlier convicted of possessing an offensive weapon at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.