Drunk thug smashed up friend’s flat

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A BOOZED-up binge drinker who drank vodka and 12 cans of cider then went on the rampage and smashed up a woman’s flat has escaped an immediate jail term.

Jamie Lee Grubb, aged 23, barged his way into Chloe Myers’ home, broke windows, flooded her bathroom and threw a glass at her head, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Judge Jackie Davies sentenced him to a six-month jail term, suspended for 12 months and ordering him to take part in a binge-drinking course and said: “You treated her with utter contempt. You invaded her home.

“She made it plain she didn’t want you inside so you took it upon yourself to barge in.

“You kicked at her door, broke windows, flooded her bathroom, threw a glass at her and although there were no physical injuries I’m absolutely confident this was a total nightmare for her.

“You told police that you had drunk an enormous amount - that’s part of your history.”

Susan Evans, prosecuting, said the victim was the former girlfriend of Grubb’s friend David Shaw.

She said it was about 7.40pm on November 25 when Grubb, who was wielding a baseball bat and Mr Shaw arrived at Miss Myers’ flat.

Miss Evans said Grubb had drunk 12 cans of Strongbow and started a bottle of vodka.

Miss Myers refused to let them in and went to the communal door to talk to them.

Grubb barged past her, kicked the front door of her flat in and went up to her bathroom put the plug in the basin and turned on the taps flooding the bathroom.

Next he went into the kitchen and wrenched out the U-bend from the kitchen sink and again turned on the taps.

Then he threw a glass at Miss Myers, which hit her in the mouth.

Miss Evans said he smashed three windows and pushed Miss Myers to the floor before raining blows down on her head.

Grubb admitted criminal damage and common assault.

James Gould, defending Grubb, of Fitzwilliam Street, Swinton, said he had an “unattractive antecedent history of consistent and persistent low level offending.”

He added: “He suffered a bereavement and this has been the catalyst for him abusing alcohol for years and years and years.

“It’s alcohol that has blighted his life for years now and that’s the explanation for the offending.”

Grubb was also ordered to pay £299 compensation and given a supervision order and a 7pm to 7am curfew.