'Drunk' man walks into stranger's Sheffield home claiming he 'went to the wrong house'

Police tape in SheffieldPolice tape in Sheffield
Police tape in Sheffield
A Sheffield mum has issued a warning after a 'drunk' man walked into her home.

Lorraine Burrows took to Facebook to warn people in Woodthorpe that a man had walked into her home on Friday at around 10.10pm.

She said that the man walked through the front door, walked through the house and left through the back door, leaving it open.

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Lorraine reported the incident to police as an attempted burglarly.

However, she said that police told her that it was a 'drunk man coming home to the wrong house'.

She said: "Someone walked through my front door at approx 10.10pm and out the back, leaving the back door open.

"My 14 yr old and 16 yr old friend saw a silhouette pass in the hallway. 101 informed and classing it as an attempted burglary so waiting on crime scenes and police"

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