Drunk man threatened police with sword after grandmother’s funeral

Sheffield Crown Court.
Sheffield Crown Court.
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A sword-wielding drunk threatened police officers during a domestic row on the day of his grandmother’s funeral.

But Stuart Templeton came off worse when he was left scarred for life on his face after a friend’s husband intervened.

Prosecutor Neil Coxon said a row erupted between Templeton, 31, and his then partner Louise Roebuck at their home in Pear Tree Road, Shiregreen, before the funeral on March 29.

“It centred on him wanting to take his ex-partner to the funeral rather than her,” he told Sheffield Crown Court.

She took two of her three children to her brother’s but on returning home at 10pm found Templeton ‘drunk, angry and aggressive’.

Templeton, a tarmac layer, now of Haywood Avenue, Deepcar jabbed her in the chest and pushed her into a fridge, she was scared and picked up a kitchen knife and pointed it at him.

He grabbed her around the throat and squeezed hard, threatened to ‘cut her head off’ and then she escaped into the lounge. Templeton later appeared at the front door with a large sword threatening to ‘chop up’ anyone who came in.

The victim’s 12-year-old son called her friend Teresa Martin whose husband George tried to placate Templeton but they ended up in a confrontation.

Mr Martin was left with a minor cut to his hand and Templeton suffered serious facial injuries.

Police officers arrived and Templeton raised the sword, which had a 30 centimetre long blade, above his head and began walking towards an officer. The officer threatened to spray him if he did not put down the sword and he complied.

Templeton was arrested but within 30 seconds became abusive and tried to head-butt an officer. The officers had to put leg restraints on him and handcuffs before he was taken to hospital for treatment to his face.

Ian Goldsack, for Templeton, said he believed his injuries were caused by Mr Martin grabbing the kitchen knife but admitted he had been drinking to excess and was upset after the funeral.

“He has come out of this far worse than anyone else,” said Mr Goldsack.

He had been left with a permanent facial scar which had to be stitched at hospital.

Templeton admitted affray on March 29.

Judge Sarah Wright said she accepted Templeton was in ‘emotional turmoil’ on the day and had argued with his partner both before and after the funeral.

“You armed yourself with what is described as a large sword, you squeezed Miss Roebuck around the throat and there was an altercation between you and Mr Martin,” said the judge.

“This must have been a very terrifying episode. When police arrived you still had hold of the sword. This was disgraceful and very frightening behaviour indeed.”

She gave Templeton a 12-month community order and ordered him to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement.