Drunk BMW driver ignored stop signs and narrowly avoided crushing roadworkers on Sheffield motorway

A drunk driver narrowly avoided crashing into a group of roadworkers after ignoring a road closure on the M1 near Sheffield.

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 8:22 am
Updated Thursday, 21st December 2017, 8:25 am
BMW Driver - Credit: SYP

The BMW X5 driver was heading home on the roundabout at Catcliffe when they tried to head on to the M1 south at J33.

However, the driver did not notice that the slip road was closed, despite a number of warning signs and vehicles blocking the route.

Police said that it wasn't until the last minute that they managed to avoid crashing into the roadworkers.

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The driver, who was not insured on the car, failed a roadside breath test before being arrested.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "Party season is in full swing for some people. The driver of this BMW X5 for instance had a great night last night. That was until they jumped in the car and thought driving home was good idea.

"They had such a great time that when they came around the roundabout at Catcliffe to head onto the M1 south at junction 33, they did not notice the fact that the slip road had been closed until the very last moment.

"They didn't realise the slip road was closed even though there were a couple of signs, cones and two fairly substantial vehicles with flashing orange lights on blocking the way until the very last minute.

"The driver had had such a good time that it wasn't until that very last minute that they managed to avoid a collision with anything but the barrier you can see supporting their vehicle.

"They had such a good time that they didn't realise the wheels were off the floor, and that was the reason they couldn't drive off, despite trying their best to.

"The wheels being off the floor allowed the roadworkers that the driver had nearly run over time to get to the driver and stop them causing any more harm.

"The driver had such a good time that they failed a roadside breath test and were arrested and taken to a custody suite.

"They had such a good time that they thought they were dead clever in refusing to provide another sample of breath.

"We'll see how clever they feel when they're explaining to a Magistrate how their night went and why they thought it was acceptable to get into a machine weighing over two tonnes when they were not in a fit state to control themselves, never mind it."