Drugs, burglars and bike yobs into be targeted in a Doncaster town

Speeding, nuisance bikers. drug related crime and burglaries are to be targeted after residents met with police to raise their concerns over crime in a Doncaster town.

Monday, 2nd October 2017, 4:25 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 2:27 pm
Askern residents have raised concerns over burglaries, drug relates issues and nuisance bikers

Around 100 people packed into Askern Library after a meeting was called to deal with concerns raised over what residents saw as a crimewave in Askern.

The list of priorities was drawn up at the end of the meeting, chaired by Coun Austen White, one of the area's Doncaster ward councillors.

Residents agreed to setting three priorities. They are:

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* Nuisance bikes and speeding traffic.

* House burglaries

* Drug related issues.

Coun White said a number of houses had been identified by residents as causing problems due to drug use, due to suspected dealing or other anti-social behaviour.

One resident said they had made complaints which they did not think had been acted upon.

After the meeting Coun White said he felt people had been listened to, and another meeting would be set up for November to see what progress had been made.

He said: "The police and council officers now have to go away, collate the information and come up with an action plan."

Mayor of Askern Francis Jackson said there were issues with speeding all over the town, on the A19, Moss Road and Station Road.

He said the issue of nuisance bikers had included reports of three people riding on the same motorcycle with no crash helmets.

He said: "They have even been seen in the park when the football pitches are being used."

A resident, who wanted to only be known as John, said the community knew who was responsible for much of the trouble in the town.

“There have been many burglaries recently, and it seems the perpetrator is known to everyone, but he is still seen wandering the town,” he said.

One man, who did not want to disclose his name, said he would follow the outcome closely. The man, who couldn’t attend because of a broken foot, was burgled while on holiday in Majorca in July.

Among the items stolen from his property was a 55-inch television, games console, rug, toaster and kettle. The thieves also stole jars of loose change from around the house.

Inspector Dan McKnight in the Doncaster West Neighbourhood Area said: “Local residents had already raised concerns about antisocial behaviour, drugs and burglary, so it was to be expected that these matters would be raised.

“We are working in the area to reassure the community and tackle crime related issues. We are also working with partner agencies to explore how we tackle other specific concerns.

“We understand the significant and negative impact antisocial behaviour can have on communities and we will look to target hotspots during our patrols to prevent this, but we can’t do this alone and need residents to report concerns, make us aware of emerging problems, so we can work together to tackle the issues.”

A spokesman for St Leger Homes said: "Properties which St Leger Homes manage are allocated in accordance with the councils allocations policy. We understand the impact anti-social behaviour can have on a community and if this involves anyone in a property managed by St Leger Homes, we will take the necessary enforcement action based on the available evidence."

Debbie John-Lewis, Doncaster Council assistant director of communities, said: “We have a zero tolerance to all forms of anti-social behaviour, and continue to support South Yorkshire Police with home safety and crime reduction initiatives in Askern area, as well as supporting victims of crime and visiting affected properties to highlight the importance of home safety and security. We are also working hard on community cohesion initiatives and addressing problems like nuisance motorcycles, which are a concern for residents. It is also vitally important that residents continue reporting incidents, so we work to encourage them to do so.”