Drugs boss jailed for 20 years

drugCL'Aly Anderson - jailed for 20 years for running a drug den
drugCL'Aly Anderson - jailed for 20 years for running a drug den
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A MAJOR Sheffield drug dealer who ran a sophisticated crack and heroin den which pulled in a quarter of a million pounds a year has been locked up for 20 years.

Aly George Anderson, aged 54, was in charge of a ‘fortified drugs supermarket’ selling Class A drugs at Sheffield Lane Top.

His 24-hour operation only came to light after the death of father-of-three Damian Taff in September 2010.

Crack addict Benjamin Grant was jailed earlier this year for murdering Taff, 29, with a lock knife outside the den on Swanbourne Road, Sheffield Lane Top.

Three others, including Anderson’s 32-year-old son Antonio Anderson, were locked up for their roles in the set-up.

Now a jury has convicted drugs boss Anderson - described by police as a ‘major player’ in Sheffield organised crime - for his role in the supply business.

Police said class A drugs were dealt at the house from a specially-adapted garage, guarded by pit bull terriers and fitted with reinforced steel doors.

Addicts ordered their drugs through a CCTV camera, putting their money into a special tube before the dealers inside delivered the heroin and crack back through another tube.

Sentencing Anderson, Judge Peter Kelson QC said he was a ‘professional criminal’ who made ‘fat profits’ and his offending was at the ‘upper end’ of the scale.

A top detective today said the streets of Sheffield were safer with Anderson - who was known in the drugs world as ‘Bagpuss’ - behind bars.

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Jade Brice told The Star: “Anderson was a major player who was operating a busy outlet, running 24/7.

“He caused a great deal of disruption and disturbance in the community.

“The Chinese takeaway next door was forced to shut down because customers were in fear of the activities taking place on the street.

“This conviction and the removal of that enterprise will make a massive difference to the quality of life for people in the area.”

Anderson’s operation was taking around £700 a day - adding up to £250,000 a year, he said.

“This will cause serious disruption to one of Sheffield’s major organised crime groups.”

DCI Brice said Anderson, whose registered address was the den on Swanbourne Road, had convictions dating back to the 1970s, for a variety of offences including dishonesty and drugs.

He was in Spain at the time of the murder, but officers arrested him when he returned to Sheffield, just over a week after Taff’s death.

In court Anderson denied conspiracy to supply drugs and benefiting from the proceeds of crime - and even tried to blame the operation on son Antonio.

But he was convicted by a jury after a trial, and sentenced to 20 years.

Anderson’s other son Danny Hockenhull, 26, is serving life for the murder of 23-year-old Brett Blake.


• In May Benjamin Grant, 31, of Follet Road, Shiregreen, was convicted of murder and conspiring to sell Class A drugs. He was jailed for life with a minimum of 27 years.

Emily Sanderson, 38 of Swanbourne Road, admitted conspiring to supply drugs and perverting the course of justice, and was locked up for eight-and-a-half years.

Antonio Anderson, 32, of Masters Crescent, Parson Cross, was found guilty of the same charges and was jailed for seven years and nine months.

Ryan Wood, 30, of Liberty Place, Stannington, was cleared of murder and manslaughter, but admitted conspiracy to supply and was sentenced to six years.

Grant’s girlfriend Helen Thomas, 28, also of Follet Road, is serving nine months for perverting the course of justice.