Drugs and cash seized in crime crackdown in Sheffield

Officers involved in Operation Dent
Officers involved in Operation Dent
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Class A drugs worth £16,000 have been seized along with £21,000 in cash in a crime blitz in and around Sheffield city centre.

More than 40 people have also been arrested as part of Operation Dent, which was launched in January in a bid to protect vulnerable people, provide long-term solutions to issues and stamp out crime.

The operation has focused on the city centre and the neighbouring suburbs of Broomhall, Abbeydale, Sharrow and Highfield.

As part of the operation suspects have been arrested for offences including attempted murder, drug dealing, managing brothels and money laundering.

Acting Sergeant Scott Szymczak, said: “Since the team began operating, we have arrested over 40 people for various offences

“We have also executed a number of warrants and seized a substantial amount of cash under the Proceeds of Crime Act as a result of intelligence led operations and information gathered from members of the public.

“One of our main aims is to look at the long-term picture as to what can be done to tackle any ongoing issues and put measure in place to ensure they do not become persistent problems.

“We want to ensure that Sheffield is a safe place to live and our role in that is to identify and lock up those who commit crimes and protect those who are most vulnerable within our communities.”

Police officers have worked with partner agencies including Sheffield City Council and housing associations.

Sgt Szymczak added: “Through monthly meetings with our partner agencies, we aim to identify people who are most vulnerable within the area we cover and look at what we can do to safeguard them and put the help they need in place.

“We want to help and support people as much as we can, so if there’s something we can do to improve their quality of life, prevent them from harm, or enable them to access support services for example, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that happens.

“We recently helped a homeless woman out of an abusive relationship. Through partnership working, we were able to house her and provide continued support for her, which has seen a significant improvement in her quality of life.

“In another case we have used the new Domestic Violence Protection Order legislation to safeguard a woman in a violent relationship, allowing partner agencies to offer her vital support and arresting the perpetrator for beaching the conditions leading to his imprisonment.”