Drug-crazed knifeman stabbed three in Sheffield nightclub

A drug-crazed knifeman branded a '˜danger to the community' has been jailed for five years after stabbing three people in the leg.

Sunday, 7th February 2016, 7:32 pm
Updated Sunday, 7th February 2016, 7:34 pm
Taukeer Hussain, aged 24, jailed for five years for stabbing three people

Taukeer Hussain, aged 24, had downed three bottles of vodka and snorted seven lines of cocaine before committing the ‘bizarre’ and ‘unprovoked’ attacks.

The Viper Rooms, Carver Street

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Sheffield Crown Court was told he stabbed three party-goers in the leg at Viper Rooms nightclub on Carver Street in the city centre.

One victim described Hussain as ‘wide eyed’ and another said he ‘stared him out’ before plunging a knife into his leg while his back was turned.

Judge Michael Murphy QC told Hussain he ‘presents a real danger to the community’.

He said: “These were three unprovoked and random knife assaults in a licensed premises where a lot of young people go.

The Viper Rooms, Carver Street

“The probation service have said you are high risk of causing serious harm to the public and I’m one to agree with that.

“I have heard some cases in this court where someone has been stabbed in the leg and they have bled to death.”

David Wain, prosecuting, said a female university challenged Hussain after he had ‘pushed past her aggressively’ on the dancefloor.

He added: “As she walked away she said she felt like she had been punched in the leg and quickly realised that she had been cut.”

The victim was taken to hospital where she had a Hepatitis B test and was treated for two to three centimetre stab wound.

The student said in a victim impact statement the attack left her with a scar on her groin which has left her insecure. Her studies have also been affected.

She said: “I do not want to go to bars and clubs any more and feel uncomfortable when I’m there. Following the incident, I am scared during the day when I’m on my own.”

Mr Wain added that another of Hussain’s victim’s had noticed the defendant staring at him for a lengthy period of time which made him feel ‘uncomfortable.’

The male victim approached Hussain to ask him why he was ‘staring him out’.

As the man turned away back towards his friends, he thought he had been ‘hit’ in the leg but soon realised he had been stabbed.

“The victim went over to the door staff and passed out for around two minutes. He suffered a one and a half centimetre wound,” Mr Wain said.

The victim said in a statement: “I come to Viper Rooms every Tuesday and have a great night but I did not expect something like this to happen. I didn’t expect to get stabbed.”

The third victim said Hussain bumped into him near the VIP area and was ‘wide eyed’.

He felt a pain in his leg as he walked off and realised he had been stabbed.

Mr Wain said: “He managed to point to Hussain near the dance floor and he was detained by door staff outside.

“He was found with two knives on his possession.”

“During the course of the day the defendant had drank three bottles of 70 centilitre, 40 per cent vodka and seven lines of cocaine,” Mr Wain added.

Hussain, of Fieldhead Road, Lowfields, pleaded guilty to unlawful and malicious wounding and possession of a bladed article on September 29, 2015

Anne Marie Hutton, defending, said: “These are set of unusual offences which are both bizarre and troubling.

“This is a young man who is extremely remorseful and wanted me to convey that to the court.

“He has a huge responsibilities to his family and tends to his mother on a hourly basis. His behaviour could be described as burn out.”