Drug arrests futile

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Just read the amazing article about the most recent waste of police and court resources (150 years in prison: 83 dealers off the streets in Sheffield Dec 19).

After taking two years and untold man-hours and use of expensive equipment, a grand total of 83 people were arrested and sentenced by the courts in a futile effort to deprive the people of what they want - drugs.

Of course the sellers of these prohibited substances were replaced in seconds and the pompous, windbag judge made pompous, gassy sounds about ‘the long arm of the law’ and the inevitability of punishment, and of course the media (you) repeated this tripe unquestioningly, and cheered on this waste.

Redundant questions: Is it any wonder the public’s opinion of cops, courts and mainstream media is declining? Any wonder that readership of such rags as yours is at an all time low?

For over 50 years, I have been observing this process, and every year, it’s the biggest bust, the most man-hours, and the most pompous gassing off by the courts. Every year.

Next year will be even bigger, more wasteful and more gassy, and of course your cries of ‘rah-rah, bravo’ will be louder than ever—and the year after that, and the year after that, until all the time, tools and money we give the cops will be used to support this farce.

Actual crimes, ones where someone was hurt, killed or robbed, will remain unsolved because there will be no resources to do so. For shame, to all of you, cops, courts and media. Fools all.

Bruce Symington, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada (the colonies, don’t you know)