Drivers slammed for 'endangering' others by ignoring CLOSED signs on snowy Snake Pass

The Snake Pass remains closed this evening
The Snake Pass remains closed this evening
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Snake Pass remains closed this evening, but it seems not all drivers have got the message.

A pub along the route between Sheffield and Manchester has criticised the countless drivers it says have been ignoring 'road closed' signs and ploughing on, only to have to turn back later when the road becomes impassable.

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The Snake Inn tweeted: "Cannot believe the amount of people unable to read. The sign says it's closed yet people still drive up the pass, get stuck then either have to come back down or put others in danger by having to rescue them. It's closed for a reason people. Obviously these people know better."

The message appeared to strike a chord with many road users.

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@aktovate responded: "He he. It amazes me how some drivers think they know better in those sort of conditions."

And @albie510 added: "Just got back from dropping daughter off at Shirebrook only to be passed by a clown in a Eddy Stowbart HGV attempting to go over the Snake Pass only to come slithering back down one minute later. Non-believer."

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But Douglas Birks showed some sympathy, commenting: "To be fair the signs round here are garbage and updated about every three months so can't be trusted. PS no I didn't, but I feel their despair."

The A628 Woodhead Pass through the Peak also remains closed, despite Highways England earlier suggesting the eastbound carriageway would reopen shortly.

Highways England's latest update at 5pm stated the road remained closed in both directions between the A616 and A57, with no indication as to when the closure might be lifted.

"Police are diverting traffic via local routes and traffic intending to use the road travelling from farther afield may wish to consider other strategic routes," it stated.

"Road users are advised to cancel or delay any non essential journeys until the weather conditions improve."

Derbyshire County Council today said strong winds and freezing temperatures were causing major disruption on the county's roads, particularly in the High Peak.