Driver with 'low-performance brain' mocked after Sheffield police seize his high-performance car

Photo: SYP.
Photo: SYP.
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A Sheffield driver with a 'low-performance brain' has been mocked by officers on Facebook after police seized their high-performance car.

The car - which police said had a history of dangerous and anti-social driving - was taken away from Palgrave Crescent in Southey Green today.

A police spokesperson said: "If we try to stop you and you use your high performance vehicle and low performance brain to evade us with driving that puts everyone in danger, do not think you will get away with it.

"We WILL find you and you WILL be dealt with as robustly as possible.

"This vehicle, with a past of dangerous and anti social driving, is now off the roads and the driver we will be catching up with the driver in due course."