Driver spins car 180 degrees into oncoming traffic after dangerous overtake on South Yorkshire road

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This is the terrifying moment a driver spun his car 180 DEGREES after attempting a dangerous overtake at a South Yorkshire junction.

Shocking dashcam footage captured the footage of the Vauxhall Corsa speeding down Greasbrough Lane in Rotherham.

Driver in Rotherham - Image: SWNS

Driver in Rotherham - Image: SWNS

The driver speeds past the car but quickly realises they are heading straight into oncoming traffic at the junction.

They then slam on the breaks and spin around 180 degrees to end up facing the cars they've just overtaken.

Joe Walker, 20, captured the damning footage said the driver was lucky to avoid a serious crash.

Joe, a medical production operator, said: "It was a national speed limit road and I had a black box at the time so I was sticking to the speed limit.

"The car came flying past mine, they must have decided to overtake for whatever reason.

"They must not have realised it was a junction and thought 'Oh cr*p!'

"There is an entrance to a graveyard right next to where they spun around so it could have been a very different story if anyone would have been coming out of there."