Driver ignores warning signs and narrowly avoids hitting road workers on M1 in South Yorkshire

Motorists have been urged to obey Highways England vehicles after a driver undertook a rolling block on the M1 near Sheffield.

The incident on the M1 near to junction 33.
The incident on the M1 near to junction 33.

South Yorkshire Police reported a driver on summons last night for the offence near to junction 33 of the M1.

The vehicle did not wait behind a Highways England vehicle which had its lights on and 'don't pass' showing on its message board.

Police said further along the southbound carriageway road workers were carrying out emergency repairs.

The driver was caught after an unmarked police car captured the incident on video.

A spokesman for the South Yorkshire Police Operational Support team said: "The officers in the Highways England vehicle are responsible for the safety of those working in the road, and to keep the area secure for them.

"The driver of the other vehicle got to within three feet of the Highways England vehicle.

"They don't do it for a laugh. It is to protect the life of those working in the dark, on unlit icy motorways.

"Unfortunately for the driver of the offending vehicle, one of our unmarked vehicles had been caught up in the rolling block, and caught all the incident on video.

"Driver reported on summons.

"He admitted he wouldn't have done it if it was the police performing the rolling block.

"That doesn't make a difference, drivers must obey Highways England when they are directing traffic, as they would if it was a police officer.

"Please take more care and show some respect to all of us who work on the motorways."