Driver claims bollard is not high enough

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A disabled motorist has hit out at a Sheffield shopping centre after she damaged her vehicle in its car park.

Rebecca Francis, of Intake, contacted Action Desk after she struck a bollard at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre, damaging her car.

She claims the bollard is too small to see when driving and called on centre bosses to accept liability and alter its height.

Ms Francis said: “I was parked in a disabled bay. I reversed and my parking sensor started beeping.

“I had hit a bollard that I couldn’t see.”

Ms Francis said it was ‘impossible’ to pull straight out of the bay because of the close proximity to the car opposite, and so had to reverse at an angle.

She said: “The bollard was covered in different coloured scratches and scrapes, where other vehicles have clearly hit it.

“It’s not trolley damage because you cannot push it along there.”

Ms Francis called the shopping centre several times to speak with the manager, and was unhappy that she had only received a letter from them refusing to accept liability.

She said: “The bollard is not high enough and you can’t see it from your car.’’


Action Desk contacted Crystal Peaks and was told the shopping centre had addressed the issue in the correct way through a letter.

Lee Greenwood, centre manager at Crystal Peaks, said: “This bollard is located for the protection and safety of pedestrians at the centre and is clearly visible to disabled parking bay users. The parking bay in question is adequately sized, fit for purpose and has been in this location for many years.”