Driver arrested for possessing cannabis and failing roadside drug test in Barnsley

Police dog Bruno
Police dog Bruno
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A motorist was caught with cannabis in his car and failed a roadside drug test in Barnsley.

The 28-year-old was stopped by officers after reports that he had been seen taking drugs in his car.

When officers, assisted by police sniffer dog, Bruno, searched the car they found cannabis in the vehicle.

The driver also failed a roadside drug test.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Bruno is a beautiful springer spaniel with a very special talent for sniffing out evidence.

"Officers were called at 6pm on Monday to a report of a male sat in a car taking drugs in Barnsley.

"On arrival the vehicle was seen driving away. Iit was caused to stop and the driver was detained for the purposes of a search.

"Bruno was introduced to the search team and it did not take him long to locate the stash of cannabis in the vehicle."