Drive for Justice: Charity demands Government announcement on dangerous driving laws

Road safety charity Brake has demanded a '˜clear timetable' from the Government on when they will start a review of death by dangerous driving laws.

Friday, 25th November 2016, 10:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 14:42 pm
The Drive for Justice crash

The organisation is backing the Star’s Drive for Justice campaign and says clarity is needed on when the review will take place.

The campaign is calling for a review of current sentencing powers after an investigation showed people convicted of causing death by dangerous driving were sentenced to an average of just four years in prison, with more 100 walking free from court.

More than 1,300 people have supported the campaign so far, including many bereaved families from South Yorkshire.

The Ministry of Justice has indicated it is planning to launch a public consultation on reviewing the dangerous driving sentences, but has not confirmed when it will start.

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Gary Rae, campaigns director at road safety charity Brake, said: “As a charity we see first-hand what families go through after the devastating loss of a loved one due to a dangerous driver. On top of the raw pain of the loss, the bereaved friends and relatives suffer further due to a lack of help and support.

“The final insult can then be when the criminal driver responsible is given a sentence that the family feel simply doesn’t fit the crime. If you killed someone with anything other than a vehicle, you would be charged with manslaughter or even murder.

“In September, the Prime Minister Theresa May promised a review into criminal driving laws would start before the end of the year, after acknowledging there is an issue here. There are just a few weeks of this year left, and still we’ve heard nothing. Brake is now joining with the Drive For Justice campaign in calling for a clear timetable of when a review will happen.

“For every day we have to live with the current system, another five families are facing the same terrible injustice.”

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