Drinker who bit man’s face jailed

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A DRUNK who bit another man’s cheek in a Doncaster night club fight has been sent to prison.

The victim of the attack said it “like an eternity” when the bite was being inflicted. Photos of the marks left by Neil Alan Spencer’s teeth were shown to the judge at Doncaster Crown Court.

Spencer, aged 27, who had a previous conviction for another night club assault a few months previously, was jailed for 21 months.

He pleaded guilty to malicious wounding relating to the incident on May 16 last year, only six months after the first conviction.

Alison Dorrell, prosecuting, said Spencer, of Ingleborough Drive, Sprotbrough, was seen to be raising his voice at two women in the club when the victim told him to “relax and calm down”.

But as he turned away he was struck several times on the head by the defendant and the two men ended up wrestling on the floor.

Miss Dorrell said the victim said he felt like his cheek was being bitten “for what seemed like an eternity until someone intervened.”

Doctors at Doncaster Royal Infirmary had to stitch a laceration to his jaw.

Spencer was arrested and was picked out by the complainant at an identification parade. He initially insisted it was all a mistake and the other man “must have seen him on Facebook,” Miss Dorrell said.

But Spencer changed his plea to guilty before his trial and defence counsel Michael Cane-Soothill asked for some credit for the admission.

“He accepts he had been drinking and ended up on the floor and accepts he did bite the cheek as described.”

“It seems to have been a bite in the heat of the moment and is something he has not done before. The previous offence was fisticuffs with his sister’s ex-partner.

“He has changed his behaviour since this offence and has not been out drinking for a year.”

Mr Cane-Soothill said Spencer’s girlfriend had also finished with him because she feared he would be locked up.