Drink-driver tried to flee

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A DRUNKEN motorist was chased for three miles through the streets of Sheffield by police - who caught him “full of alcohol” and claiming not to know he was still disqualified after failing to take an extended retest.

Aly Anderson, aged 53, of Swanbourne Road, Sheffield Lane Top, was chased after being spotted speeding in his Jaguar in a 30mph zone. Once arrested he refused to provide a breath sample, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Christopher Tonge, prosecuting, said Anderson was handed a two-year ban in February 2007 after being convicted of dangerous driving, and wasn’t allowed to drive again until he had passed another test.

He said police spotted Anderson speeding on Shirecliffe Road in Sheffield at 3.55am on June 13 last year.

He added: “The defendant was driving at speed. Police pursued him for three miles with their blue lights and siren switched on. At one point they drew alongside him - they were pointing at him to pull over but he did not.”

Anderson, who had a passenger in the car, eventually stopped and was arrested.

“The police were of the opinion he was drunk,” Mr Tonge said.

“He refused to provide breath samples. He admitted he was still disqualified, and that he knew full well police were trying to stop him. His own words were he had ‘tried to elude’ the police.”

Anderson had six previous convictions for motoring offences including drink driving and dangerous driving,.

Chris Aspinall, defending, said: “He was under the misapprehension that he was no longer disqualified. He didn’t know he had to take an extended retest.”

Judge Recorder David Hatton QC told Anderson: “I accept your period of disqualification had expired but it had been part of the order that you were not permitted to drive until you took a further test - that you have not done.

“I view with some scepticism that you had not appreciated that was the position, and you shouldn’t have been driving anyway because you were full of alcohol.”

Anderson, who pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with 200 hours’ unpaid work and a supervision order. He was banned from driving for three years.

Recorder Hatton said Anderson “must understand” he still must take an extended test.