Drink driver hit 90mph in police chase through South Yorkshire

Drink driver was cuaght with the help of the police helicopter
Drink driver was cuaght with the help of the police helicopter
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A drunk driver twice the legal limit led police on a midnight chase as he tore through South Yorkshire at 90mph.

Simon Hellewell, who was disqualified from driving for a previous drinking offence, took his mother’s car without consent from the home they shared on Willow Drive, Mexborough, on April 18.

He was spotted by officers going through a red light and when followed he started driving at between 60mph and 90mph on roads with 20mph and 30mph limits.

He had several near-misses with moving and stationary vehicles and even turned his headlights off in a bid to evade police.

Hellewell, who had an unknown passenger in the vehicle, was only caught after a police helicopter was called out and was able to track him in the Vauxhall Meriva car.

When arrested, it was discovered he was more than twice the drink drive limit.

The 33-year-old, who was previously a forklift truck driver, was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court to six months in jail and given a further driving disqualification of three years.

He admitted dangerous driving, taking a vehicle without consent, drink driving and driving without insurance.

David Wain, prosecuting, said the vehicle was seen going through a temporary traffic light by officers but failed to stop for them.

As Hellewell drove along Doncaster Road he started going at 60mph in a 30mph zone, narrowly missing another car that was turning.

He did not slow down at a roundabout and reached 90mph as he got close to Montagu Hospital.

As Hellewell took a sharp left turn, he nearly lost control and almost hit a parked car on Maple Road.

A police car tried to block his path but Hellewell drove on to the pavement, narrowly missing the other vehicle.

Mr Wain said: “The car managed to get out of sight. Unfortunately for the defendant, the police helicopter had been called out and was able to observe the car being parked up and the defendant and passenger leaving the vehicle. The defendant was arrested and had the car keys with him.”