Drink a toast to Legion

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SHEFFIELD folk are being urged to hold their own ‘poppy parties’ this weekend to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Royal British Legion.

Family and friends, neighbours or work colleagues can all get involved, whether it’s a barbecue, fancy dress event, karaoke night, masked ball, barn dance, games evening, a dress down day at school, or any kind of party.

The highlight of the weekend is on Sunday at 4pm, when everyone is asked to raise a glass of their favourite beverage and toast the Legion.

“This is a chance to celebrate our great organisation, so spread the word. Tell your friends about it when you’re having a drink in your club, or post a message on Facebook or Twitter.” said Bob Gamble of the Legion.

Parties can raise funds for the welfare work of the Legion, after 90-plus years of helping millions of men and women who serve and have served their country at home and abroad, many at enormous personal cost.