Dreams turned into a nightmare

Helena Robertson
Helena Robertson
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DO farce and misery make natural bedfellows?

Helena Robertson has had plenty of time to sleep on this question after weeks of delivery disasters by Dreams bed shop.

She’s usually in the spare bed. It’s all she’s had to sleep on after getting rid of her old one two months ago to make way for her new purchase.

After six failed delivery attempts, five days off work and umpteen costly phone calls, she contacted Action Desk for help.

A few days later the mattress was delivered - soaking wet where it had been in a puddle. There was a footprint on it.

Helena, of Findon Street, Hillsborough, said: “It was in a disgusting state. I was horrified. I can’t believe that after all this time it arrived in that condition.

“I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it had been delivered, finally. But I can’t take any more. I’ve asked for my money back.

“I am a self-employed caterer. My time at home is precious and limited. I have lost a week’s work waiting for the delivery of this bed. After two months, I’m back at square one.”

Helena’s diary on Thursday May 31 said: “Told bed would be delivered between 7.30am and 10.30am. At 11.30am started calling customer services. Made many calls during the day only to be put on hold, cut off and given more excuses. Told bed lost. Couldn’t speak to anyone in management, was told they only contact each other by email. Finally called back, told mattress had been sent to wrong department but had been found. Says she will call me next Wednesday about delivery slot.”


DREAMS has agreed to refund Helena the £1,236 cost of the mattress and offered her £100 in compensation.

But Helena feels £500 would cover some of the cost of time off work, phone calls and hassle. Action Desk will be pressing for a higher amount.

The company and its delivery contractor Yodel, were unavailable for comment. Dreams is the company which has had the most complaints in Action Desk so far this year.