Dream ticket for Sheffield

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SHEFFIELD Wednesday are blazing a trail back into the higher reaches of British soccer after their 2-0 home victory over Wycombe earned them automatic promotion to the Championship league.

It was a nail-biting end to a hard-fought season for the club. They attracted a record-beating crowd showing just how deep surges the blue blood in the city and how Wednesday truly are one of the nation’s big clubs, despite recent setbacks.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, the battle goes on with Sheffield United now facing the challenge of the play-offs and seeking to be in the same league as their arch rivals next season, after they managed a draw while playing away against Exeter.

That would be the dream ticket for Sheffield. For the city comes alive through the keen rivalry between our two clubs – and it is always at its sharpest when the teams are eyeball-to-eyeball in the same division.

We have already seen what a lift promotion can give to people, even in the darkest of times.

A second celebration would raise Sheffield people’s spirits to even greater heights.

Already the city is counting the benefits of promotion with millions of pounds of extra revenue expected to be pumped into the local economy through attendances at Hillsborough. Imagine the results the city would enjoy with two clubs in the higher division.

The prize is too tempting for anyone to allow their allegiances to cloud their judgement.

Celebrations to show our respect

ANYONE who has spent some time in hospital cannot help but come away with a genuine admiration for nurses and the work they do.

That is why we are sure readers will join with us in offering hearty congratulations to the nurses of our region as we celebrate International Nurses Week, which concludes with the anniversary of the birth date of Florence Nightingale, on Saturday.

Here in Sheffield, there are almost 6,000 nurses who day in and day out do their best to help people cope with their illnesses. They are there to ease our physical and emotional pain at a time when we feel most vulnerable and, in the main, manage to achieve this with a cheeriness which belies the sombre nature of the vocation they follow.

We admire their dedication, skill and commitment and feel these characteristics should never be taken for granted and we hope this week’s celebration will show our respect for them.