Dreading retirement

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AM deeply saddened by the way this country treats its elderly. My mom and dad, both in their 70s and have worked all their lives, are now so desperate they dare not have their heating on through during the past sub zero temperatures of this winter for fear of the bill.

My dad took out a pension while he was working which is now working against them. Because they were a few pence over the allowance to get any benefits they had to pay full rent and poll tax until last year when we managed to get them a £2-odd pension benefit which enabled them to get help with their rent and poll tax. But they have just received a letter to say their pension benefit has been stopped due to new legislation which means they now have to pay full rent and poll tax again, leaving them extremely worried as they will not be able to manage. So much so, my mom’s in tears.

It’s disgusting that they have worked all their lives and, as my dad thought, had the foresight to take out a company pension thinking they would be ok in retirement. But he would have been better off if he had not struggled to pay the pension.

Why is it that people who never worked a day in their lives are better off than those who have? Or indeed people from other countries and never paid into anything?

I dread retirement as my husband has a company pension so we’ll probably be in the same boat.

Something must be done to take care of people who made this country what it is or should be…

Mrs S Medley, soon to be an OAP and dreading it