Dozens of weapons handed in during South Yorkshire Police amnesty

A weapons amnesty is underwayA weapons amnesty is underway
A weapons amnesty is underway
Dozens of weapons have been handed in during a police amnesty aimed at ridding the streets of guns and knives.

South Yorkshire Police announced yesterday that 35 weapons were handed in during the first two weeks of a three-week amnesty.

Seven shotguns and 300 bullets are among the weapons handed in so far.

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Anyone who surrenders a weapon will be immune from prosecution for possession.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "A weapons surrender has been running since Monday, July 11 and anyone who chooses to hand in a firearm or knife up until Monday, August 1 will not be prosecuted for possession.

"So far, 35 items have been surrendered including seven shotguns and 300 bullets. The other types of weapons that can be handed in include, but are not limited to, air weapons, BB guns, handguns, antique firearms, imitation firearms, ammunition, samurai swords, machetes, switchblades and daggers."

Weapons can be handed in at Snig Hill station, Sheffield city centre; Ecclesfield station, The Common, Ecclesfield, Sheffield; Rotherham station, Main Street, Rotherham; Doncaster station, College Road, Doncaster and Wombwell station, Park Street, Wombwell, Barnsley.