Dore Grill is special restaurant

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I have just read the review of the dore grill by martin dawes.

I have to say that I am amazed at his comments and ratings of the restaurant.

My wife and I agree that for good English cooking, it is the best in Sheffield.

What is his taste?

Haute cuisine where menus/course are all about presentation and no substance?

Let us consider his grades.

Food: only two stars.

How many establishments offer melba toast and silver service?

There is a wide range of choices at each course. The food is well cooked and plentiful.

Atmosphere: perfect for the type of food served.

Service: we have never found it less than impeccable.

Value: only two stars.

Where else can you get three excellent courses for dinner for just over £15?

We recently paid, in a Sheffield restaurant, £5 for three prawns and £10 for a bowl of rice.

We regard the Dore Grill as our ‘special restaurant’ and save visits for celebrations and important events when we can guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Having decided to make such scathing criticisms, Martin Dawes could at last have stated that it was a minority opinion.

My message to Joe is: keep up the good work, your regulars know the quality, value and excellent service which is provided, regardless of MD’s opinions.

Gary Warwick, St Albans Road, S10

If my family ask me where I would like to go for a meal for a special occasion, my choice would be The Dore Grill. Many more of my friends would also choose this venue.

We have always had an enjoyable meal and found the staff very pleasant.

I certainly could not agree with Martin Dawes’s comments which featured in his review.