Don't slip on steel tips

I'm a big fan of Mr Malone's writings and he's always very accurate, but sorry Vin this time you've got it wrong and I'm sorry that you don't believe me about my shoe repairs.

Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 7:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th March 2018, 7:20 am
Timpson receipt

My receipt for £17.95 accompanies this letter.

There ARE only four nails in each heel and I can send you a photo if you still don’t believe me.

Interestingly, still no response from the shoe trade, perhaps they’re too embarrassed.

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Next time you’re walking down The Moor look in the window of Deichmann’s excellent shoe shop.

There you will see decent quality shoes around the £30 mark and if you look in the Sunday supplements you can get a very smart pair of brogues for £35.

No, I don’t buy cheap shoes as you suggest, my last pair cost £95.

Don’t slip on your new steel tips Vin !

HJ Greaves

by email

When will saga end?

Recent reports in the press and television media inform us that “The escalation of the Sheffield City Council PFI contractor Amey, deploying private security in footage and images, has been generating outrage among Sheffield’s electorate, when even the mainstream press who usually tend to ridicule the tree protesters as being a fringe group, have started to question recent tactics in the wake of footage of protesters being squashed between walls and metal barriers.”

What began as a Sheffield “in-house” issue is rapidly developing into one of national interest, with the latest statement of Michael Gove HM Government Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reported in the BBC teletext news, March 24. Under the heading “Gove vows to end city’s tree felling” it reports that he has accused SCC of “environmental vandalism” and promised to do “anything required” to end its controversial tree-felling programme. The Labour- run authority said in response, that it was “again disappointed” at Mr Gove’s “unsubstantiated comments” .

Where and when is this sorry saga going to end? My flat overlooks Busk Meadows park and I have a lovely view of all the trees in their fine seasonal greenery and autumnal colours. Residents in city residential areas have their own opinions on the merit or otherwise of the trees in their vicinity – I suggest that their preference should be taken into consideration by SCC when trying to resolve this issue, when set against the views of people living in relatively tree-free areas of the city.

Ideally, this issue should be one for the Sheffield citizens and SCC to resolve between themselves without involving our police force. Sadly this does not immediately appear to be possible, based on the current intransigent position taken by the controlling Labour council and the escalating scale of the protests.

Labour councillors would be well advised to consider that local elections are due to be held in May 2018. If the “greenery” supporters present their protest through the ballot box instead of on the tree-lined streets, it could result in Labour losing overall control of the council – leaving a possible Green/Lib Dem coalition in charge – and a change of tree preservation/felling policy!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Talk and listen

I agree whole heartedly with Coun Shaffaq Mohammed that the current clashes between tree campaigners and the Amey contractors need to stop but is he just trying to score points for his political party by taking a pot shot at Julie Dore?

Yes, the councillors and the tree protesters need to talk and listen to each other and reach some kind of compromise.

I personally am loving the three new trees planted outside my home.

All three are different varieties and I look forward to seeing them grow and flourish.

But I have been horrified to hear some of the tales of heavy-handed behaviour from both sides and the senseless waste of police and council resources.

Nothing is ever black and white.

Please let’s all use a bit of common sense and sort this sad business out once and for all.


by email

Historic mine workings

In reply to R Bramall’s question, (Star, March 23), about mine workings in Pond Street, a colleague at Sheffield University, a mining engineer, used to don a breathing apparatus and inspect intact historic mine shafts in the city centre.

One was opposite the then Polytechnic in a gap between two low-rise buildings.

There were two by the roadway to the Victoria Hotel.

I can’t remember the others.

A bench at the corner of Trafalgar Street and Charter Row sat on a filled-in mine shaft and there are two under Glossop Road baths.

The dip in the retaining wall of St Georges Church on Broad Lane is the result of board and pillar mining.

The airport land was riddled with undocumented mine workings; its excavation was paid for by the sale of the coal.

There must be many more examples in Shefield that people know about.

Peter Foster


More to follow?

At last, Labour leader ‘Jezza’ Corbyn does something right with his sacking of front- bencher non-entity Owen Smith MP.

Smith went against Labour Party policy regarding Brexit by calling for a second EU referendum and got the chop for his trouble.

I wonder if there will be more to follow.

Let’s hope so.

Mother Therese should also be doing the same with her renegades.

Anna Soubry would be a good start but don’t hold your breath.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland , Barnsley, S74

It’s snow trouble

I’d like to thank F Peat and sons /Nigel for delivering our milk even when it was deep in snow – thanks.

R Bunker

Rokeby Drive