Doncaster's Louis Tomlinson shares first photo his newborn son

Doncaster music sensation Louis Tomlinson has shared the first photograph of his newborn son with fans.

Thursday, 28th January 2016, 12:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th January 2016, 12:54 pm

The One Direction singer, who was born and bred in the town, posted a picture of newborn baby Freddie on social media yesterday.

The black and white photograph shows Freddie in a striped babygro, with Louis tenderly holding his son against his bare chest. In his Tweet, he wrote: Meet my little lad, Freddie.”

The 24-year-old announced the birth at the weekend and thanked his fans on Twitter for their outpouring of messages of support.

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Louis’ first child, with American stylist and former flame Briana Jungwirth, is believed to have been born in Los Angeles.

The pop-sensation is said to have stayed by Briana’s side during the birth.

Louis and Briana split earlier last year, following the announcement of the pregnancy.

Early on Friday morning, Louis’ former stepfather, Mark Tomlinson, sparked speculation that the new addition had arrived with a Tweet: “Is that the patter of tiny feet?”

This prompted rumours among thousands of One Direction fans on social media, who were using the hashtag #WelcomeBabyTomlinson as they discussed the reported arrival of the first 1D baby.

Earlier this week Louis shared his excitement over the news of Freddie’s birth with his millions of fans, gushing over the new arrival.

He wrote: “My son was born yesterday. He is healthy and pretty amazing I’m very happy.”

He later tweeted Boney M song lyrics ‘Daddy daddy cool’ and hinted that the child will have his surname, by writing ‘Freddie Tommo.’

He added to his adoring fans : “Thank you so much for the all nice messages.”

Louis dated Briana in May last year after he broke up with his long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calde.

Briana also shared a picture of Freddie on social media with the caption and date of her son’s birth saying: “Freddie Reign. Love of my life.”

The news that the pair were expecting a child sent shockwaves through Louis’ young fanbase when the news was revealed back in August.

At the time, the pair had been spotted on a series of nightclub dates in Los Angeles.

Louis is the first member of the former 1D four-piece, who are currently taking an ‘extended hiatus’, to become a father.