Is this Doncaster's filthiest street?

An angry resident has called for action over 'flytipping' on his street, near Doncaster town centre.

Friday, 6th April 2018, 9:26 am
Ray Fowell is unhappy with the rubbish on the juntion of Montague Street and Copley Road.

Ray Fowell is furious over the amount of waste that has been left among the bins of Montague Street, and wants action to be take over what he considers to be flytipping.

His street is close to the shops on Copley Road, and he believes the rubbish is dropped on his street by people using Copley Road.

Ray Fowell is unhappy with the rubbish on the juntion of Montague Street and Copley Road.

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In recent weeks, the rubbish that has been dropped there has included a box full of dead birds, armchairs and chest of drawers.

Ray said he used Doncaster Councl's 'report it' app every week to report rubbish being dumped.

He says people have filled household bins until they flow over onto the street, and then pile rubbish next to the bins.

He added: "This in turn blows down Montague Street which is in a continuous mess.

Ray Fowell is unhappy with the rubbish on the juntion of Montague Street and Copley Road.

"There are decent families living in this street, people who work hard and try to maintain a decent lifestyle. Many years ago when the property I now live in was owned by me, but sitting empty, I received a letter from the council requesting I improve the property as it was lowering the tone of the street. I was impressed and in turn rectified the situation.

"I subsequently renovated the property and decided to take up residence here. But over the last couple of years the rubbish dumping situation has gone from bad to worse."

He said those dumping rubbish on the streets should be prosecuted for fly tipping.

He added: "Currently there is a bag of old cabbages and grocery waste along with vegetable boxes dumped outside my house. This has now attracted and old child's car seat. The problem is, that waste produces waste. Someone sees a pile of rubbish and they think they can dump theirs there as well."

He is also concerned about the hygiene implications of the tipping.

Doncaster Council says it will take enforcement action where possible.

Gill Gillies, assistant director for environment for Doncaster Council, said: “Unfortunately fly tipping is something that affects every council in the country and is something that is easily avoidable. In Doncaster we spend over £389,000 each year collecting and disposing of fly tipped waste.

“We are working hard to encourage all businesses and residents to take personal responsibility for their environment. We have been to speak to the businesses in the area to encourage them to dispose of their waste appropriately and if we need to, we will take enforcement action against anyone caught fly tipping.

“We have a robust process in place, investigating all reports of fly tipping and we will take enforcement action against offenders whenever possible. We would encourage everyone who sees fly tipping to report this to us via 01302 736 000 or online via If we all played our part to dispose of litter in the right way then we can ensure that Doncaster remains clean."