Doncaster women expect men to spend £600 more than they actually do for engagement rings, survey reveals

Women in Doncaster expect their partner to spend £1,860 on an engagement ring - while most blokes in the town actually fork out £600 less, a study has revealed.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th March 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Thursday, 15th March 2018, 11:40 am
How much would you fork out on an engagement ring?
How much would you fork out on an engagement ring?

Online jewellery retailer William May conducted a nationwide survey to find out how much men in the UK were prepared to spend on an engagement ring compared to the expectations of women.

And the results showed that women in Doncaster hoped men would save £1,861.70 for their rock, while the men would spend no more than £1,261.76 – a difference of nearly £600

According to the study, over half of women in Britain (51.3%) would prefer to choose their own ring, rather than give the responsibility to their other half.

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And that seems to suit British men just fine, as when they were asked how they went about choosing an engagement ring for their partner, a staggering 63.3% said they just bought ‘the one she told me to get’.

Brit men seem to like to get the job done quickly too, as 20% admitted that they simply picked ‘the first one I saw’, 10% said they ‘saw it advertised’ and only 6.7% said ‘a friend advised me’.

The study found that, the average UK man is prepared to spend £1,471.01 on a ring to impress their future fiancée. This may sound like a lot – but unfortunately, the average woman expects their lover to drop £1,854.17 on their finger candy, across Britain.

Men in the East of England are prepared to spend the most cash on an engagement ring, revealing they’d spend £1,696.43 on a rock – which is £53.57 more than their partners would even expect.

In contrast, the men in Yorkshire and the Humber are the most tight-fisted when it comes to splashing the cash on a ring, admitting they would not want to spend more than £1,261.76 on their future fiancée’s jewel. This is a huge £599.94 less than their other halves would like them to spend (£1,861.70)

Commenting on the survey results, a spokesperson from William May said: “An engagement ring is the single most important accessory one can own, so make sure to do your research before you splash the cash. Our survey shows that insight is key, so if you’re picking a ring for your partner, don’t be afraid to ask questions, consider the four Cs (carat, cut, colour and clarity), and make sure to listen intently when they talk about jewellery! It’s also important to remember that an expert jeweller will always be happy to give you knowledge and help if you’re not sure where to start.”