Doncaster Voices: Tour de Yorkshire stage '“ good or bad for our area?


I am an avid supporter of the TdY coming to Doncaster, as cycling is my favourite sport to watch and participate in.

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As a boy I remember watching cycling on TV and then heading out on my bike pretending to be one of my heroes I had just watched. It was definitely an inspiration to my current enjoyment and pastime.

Yorkshire has this event due the response of our communities who came out in mass during the Tour de France in 2014 to watch even a passing glimpse of the peloton flying past.

There’s some debate about the legacy of high profile sports events, but even if they are short lived there are additional benefits. Doncaster has an ambition to be a more cycle friendly town and the TdY will keep the topic in the current thoughts of policy makers.

My participation now is for general fitness and mental well-being, an escape from the pressures of daily life. When I am out on my bike in the wonderful countryside of Yorkshire there’s no better place to be.

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2018 is a big year for me – I’m training for September when I’ll attempt to cycle from Land’s End to John O’ Groats, completing the 969 miles in nine days for Cancer Research UK.


Tour de Yorkshire good or bad? It can only be good, good for business good for encouraging the good folk of Doncaster to get on their bike and get fit. Business will gain from extra trade generated by an increase in visitor numbers. Cycle clubs may well see an upsurge in cycling interest thus leading to a fitter, healthier Doncaster. Such an event brings opportunity for promotion of Doncaster’s treasures, its industry and business. Communities can come together and celebrate and enjoy the day by organising cycling events of their own. Business and the DMBC can do their bit in promotion by ensuring the route is an extravaganza of advertising all that Doncaster has to offer and when seen on TV reports we are showing the world. Cheap but very effective. I am really looking forward to be the big push to mend the ruddy potholes that plague our life.


This is a really great event for Doncaster, it is noticeable already how many more cycling enthusiasts are on our paths and roads, great example of great exercise for young and a bit older people. It will bring trade into Doncaster, especially in Catering and Hotel accommodation, goodness knows we are getting enough hotels to accommodate the nation! It helps to put the town on the map, bring in the tourist and finally an opportunity for the media to give us

some good publicity. My one worry is the state of some of our roads but I trust the route the race will take will not be along some of very badly neglected roads in the area, otherwise A & E will have an easier busier time than it already has. Let us all pray for good weather and give the tour a real Yorkshire welcome.


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Tour de Yorkshire is a wonderful opportunity for Doncaster to showcase itself to the millions of people following the action across the world and the thousands of visitors who will line the route and be at the finish.

“In 2016 when we last hosted the race it was an amazing spectacle which saw our communities come together to decorate their homes and businesses and organise events to celebrate the occasion. We expect another great carnival atmosphere across the borough this time around.

“Doncaster is establishing itself as a cycling hub and as the sport continues to grow in popularity with more people joining their local clubs, hosting the Tour de Yorkshire which features the world’s best cyclists will inspire more people to get on their bikes and become fitter and healthier.

“Tour de Yorkshire brings tremendous pride to our communities, enables us to celebrate what is great about borough, supports our local economy and inspires people to get into sport.”

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