Doncaster village set to light up this Christmas

A Doncaster village is set to get festive  - with its first ever Christmas lights.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 9:04 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:34 pm
The Christmas lights in Doncaster town centre. Hatfield could soon have its own Christmas lights
The Christmas lights in Doncaster town centre. Hatfield could soon have its own Christmas lights

Hatfield Town Council is set to splash out £15,000 on providing a seasonal boost to its residents, as part of a three year programme it has agreed.

Hatfield, Dunscroft and Dunsville will all be getting lights this year under the scheme, which is budgeted for this year, with lights also planned for a tree in nearby Hatfield Woodhouse.

There are also plans to look at what can be done to put some lights in Lindholme, which also falls withing the parish council's boundaries.

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The council backed the plans at a meeting this week.

Council clerk Clare McRoy said: "There is usually a Christmas tree put up in each of the villages.

"But now we are looking to put in place mounted lights, and we're starting a three year programme to install them.

"We will put up the infrastructure on the lamp posts to facilitate putting up lights.

"We have budgeted £15,000 this year, but I'm not sure yet how much will be budgeted next year or the following year.

"I think it is the town council wanting to do something for the community and enhance the local environment at Christmas, making the villages more festive."

.She said if everything goes to plan the lights would be in place this Christmas.

In past years, some local businesses have put their own Christmas lights on their premises, but lights have not been attached to the lamp posts in the past.

The council is hoping to work with the prison authorities to see if there is anything they can do together in Lindholme although nothing has been arranged yet.

Doncaster's main Christmas lights are switched on in Doncaster town centre in a big ceremony each year.